Value Giving – The Foundation Story

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Value Giving – The Foundation Story

We believe in financially preparing for the future…so that no one will be alone in the dark…forever.

Giving is an important part of a strong collaborative community. Supporting those members of our community who benefit from acts of generous philanthropy is something we value highly.

No matter what level of giving is possible, the essence of doing good things for others, especially those people living with blindness or vision impairment, is what really matters. From individuals to families or from Foundations to Corporates, all contributions have worth.

By specifically supporting The Guide Dog Foundation, all gifts will contribute to the long term financial sustainability of an organisation that will provide for the needs of those who are blind or vision impaired, now and into the future.

The Guide Dog Foundation will work exclusively with VisAbility and Guide Dogs WA to achieve its objectives. Day-to-day fundraising will remain extremely important while the Foundation seeks to build itself into a primary source of ongoing funding.

The Guide Dog Foundation aims to raise an initial amount of $10 million, and it is envisaged that the Foundation’s investment capital will grow to in excess of $10 million. One hundred percent of the income from these funds will become a secure, recurring and meaningful source of revenue for VisAbility and Guide Dogs WA. This will reduce the dependence on fundraising and ensure that VisAbility and Guide Dogs WA can keep the doors open for the next 100 years and beyond…forever.

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